We believe that the key to success for any company is its people. That’s why we work to ensure that the best talent is in place our talent acquisition force stands responsible for finding, acquiring, assisting, and hiring candidates to fill roles that are required to meet our clients goals and objectives.

Ever since our inception

We have helped merging and established companies across the region recruiting specialized talents by deploying robust executive search solutions. With a consultative, customer – focused approach, we bridge the gap between outstanding talent and premier organizations, cultivating success and profitability for both. With diverse talent networks and a deep understanding of our clients unique business objectives, we build a quality focused search strategy.

Adroyts typical candidate is one who does not actively seek new job opportunities and whose managerial and professional skills meet the most demanding exceptions.

Adroyts identifies these individuals for specific clients needs and evaluates them through:

In-depth behavioral interviews

 Psychometric Assessment Tests

Preliminary reference Check


1. Understanding the requirements.

2. Mapping out the industry. 

3. Sourcing for potential candidates.

4. Identifying and assessing the proper candidate.

5. Conducting Psychometric Assessment.

6. Conducting thorough reference Check.

7. Assisting our client in managing the job offer.

8. Closing the vacant position.