HR Consultation has turned into the new mantra in the corporate business realm. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and provide advice that they can act on. This could involve evaluating existing projects to ensure skills are used effectively within the company, helping plan for a merger or acquisition, or weighing up the risks of dismissal and redundancy, including the potential outcome and cost of an employment tribunal.

We also help organizations

 to set up and implement HR Strategies, policies, and procedures, from start-ups to large corporate clients who are developing their HR strategy to meet their ongoing plans of growth. We have developed a unique signature system for all aspects of our HR consultancy, giving structure to what we do and enabling our clients to see the process we follow.

We provide the following services:

HR Strategy Management

Organizational Development (Structure)

HR Manual

HR Audits

Job Analysis (Job Evaluation, Job Description, Grading System)

Succession Planning

Manpower Planning

– HR Outsourcing Services